Friday, September 2, 2011

A Return from the Web Way.

"From Darkness of the void we return, from Shadow of dispair we return. If neither of these could consume us what makes you think you can Mon-Keigh."

Great Googly Moogly Bat man it has been a long time since I dusted the cobwebs off this old thing. I know.. I know what you great and mighty Eldar players are thinking. 'Oh Elthrai you silly cad you, you had to run off with your new mistress the Grey Knights for a while but you have returned to your one and true love, The Eldar.' That is true, I have had a yearning as of late for the shenanigans of the Eldar. I must give credit where credit is due, The Grizz. I was teasing with him about a week ago that I would bring back the Eldar, though sadly at the time it was merely a joke, it got me thinking what if. So I started thinking more and more upon it what would I do if I brought the Eldar back out. Also it did not hurt to have found some Eldar related books that from the views are not complete garbage (Cough Gotto Cough)

So I have decided that the next game I will play of 40k will be with the Pointy Eared Master Race. A friend spoke of coming over to the ol place and getting a game in tonight, so I will try to probably squeeze in the Eldar then. Sadly the gaming scene around here has dried up after the Griz and PariahStevo moved away. Sad Panda. But we have weathered dry spells before, and hopefully with some luck we will weather through again. Anywho, got to hop off here before class. I'll try and post tomorrow with the results of the game tonight.

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  1. effin Eldars, I hates em. Good to hear they are gettin some game time though!