Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kansas City Shuffle.

    This last weekened was a practice team tournament for the Siege at Dicehead Games. Unbroken rolled out in force with three full teams. Which included Pariah Stevo from Tainted by Xenos, The Griz from If it wears power armor. I am teamed up with Wayward to make a Mech IG and Mech Eldar list that we dubbed the Kansas City Shuffle after the awesome movie of Lucky Number Slevin. The basic theme was taking a small but hard hitting Eldar force that does not look all that intimidating at first glance, where the IG have Melta and Plasma Vets in a Chimera wall protecting a Manticore and Vendetta. Like our name sake our primary tactic was to put the Eldar Waveserpents out front making a cover wall for Chimeras first turn then during our movement we would do what we dubbed the Kansas City Shuffle of the Eldar speeding off fast to the side to draw attention then it is turned back to the IG when the overwhelimg fire would hit.

    For the most part the tactic worked very well, with most of the fire power and hostility being directed to the crunchy guard leaving the Eldar to go where they needed to, to get side or rear shots or contest objectives or drop out blade storming Dire Avengers on some mauled squad that had been Doomed. First game we saw us playing against Ork and Chaos SM list. Let me first say the guys we played against that first game were grade A great guys to play with, they cut up with us they talked and all in all it was a very enjoyable game. They gave us a great run for our money with them leading the objectives for a majority of the game with the Eldar screaming in that last turn to contest their obj and the guard to claim one for the win. So 8 pts for the win and then 2 pts for having a scoring troop in their deployment zone for a total of 10.

    Our second game we played against a Tau, and Chaos SM list, a cap and control obj with bonus points for Table quarters. We gave the Tau and CSM the first turn as to get the final say in Eldar Trickery contests. That game started off pretty strong for us with the manticore rocking hard and the Vendetta doing its thing. While we only got to turn three before time ran out, we got to have our last turn which we threw all our shooting at a single unit of plague marines on their obj. After the dust had cleared there stood one lone marine on the obj so both of us got 5 pts for holding our obj but Eldar Trickery and Vendetta in one of their corners saw us holding 2 table quarters and contesting their two for a total of 9 pts for us and the win, and now a grand total of 19 pts.

Our third game was vs some fellow club members for the deciding game in the tournament. It was a Dark Eldar and Grey Knight list. Me and Wayward were saying right before the game we were merely pleased we had made it this far and were just going to do our best. The game started off almost prophetic as they won to set up and go first with us doing our standard set up of waveserpent wall and chimera line. Being a KP mission we attempted to Sieze which the dice rolled across half the table and smaked a wall and bounced rolling around to finally rest on a 6. Thanking the Dice Gods for good luck we proceeded with our standard tactic of Eldar zooming off, though I was concerned as the DE can play the same game only better. But our first turn of shooting pretty much kind of set the pace with knocking our one raider and immobilizing one ravager and stunning the second. On our opponents turn we saw Mordrak and crew land up all in the IG grill in cover. Mordrak took a wound from the terrian and did not spawn another knight. For two turns all our anti termi weapons hammered on Mordrak as he walked across the guard line like a god amongst men to finally fall to a blade storm. Where our dice had worked well it was if the Dice gods cursed the Dark Eldar player with almost all his crucial rolls always failed with his return fire was most of the time misses or little to no pens with his darklances to only roll 1's on the damage table. The game ended with Wayward yielding 8 Kill points to the enemy with 3 additonal pts for them killing our General (most expensive HQ). In turn the Grey knights yielding 5 Kill pts and 3 additional for Mordraks Squad being the most expensive. The Dark Eldar yielded a total of 9 kill points and the Eldar Yielding None. Another Win for the Kansas City Shuffle, when all points were totaled we came out to a over all score of 30 and 1st Place in the Tournament.

Now to get the full gravity of this myself and Wayward had never won any tournament in all our years of playing nor had we even really ranked in where in the top 5 most times. To turn around and win a team tournament against some of the best was a feeling that was just indescribable. Despite being a team the true all star of  the Kansas City Shuffle was Wayward with his Mordian guard that held the line every time they needed to keep the pressure off the fragile Eldar and it was his overwhelimg shooting at time that dug me out of tight spots. So again my good friend my hats off to you.

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