Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Return with a Vengeance.

You win some, you lose some, but sometimes you just get......

This last sunday I finally got in a game with the Eldar, the picture above was an accurate description of what happened in that game. Now I know what all of you powered armored players are thinking. 'Hurrr Eldar got raped hurrr' But in that regards my ceramite armored cromagnon friends you would be wrong. I played a buddy of mine vs a Mech IG list he wanted to try out. Being that my friend had never played against Eldar before I figured I would go easy and make just a fun list without the Seer Bike Squad of Doom. So I dusted off the Autarch and the warpsiders and make a passable Mechdar list. My friend made an all Plas/Melta Vet Guard army with 6 Leman russes, 3 being normal LRs and 2 being Vanq with the last Vanq being Point and Click Pask. To be honest when I saw the list being brought out I began to pucker up a bit for I knew what was going to come if I ever got knocked out of my transports.

I got even more worried when the first dice of the game was rolled, Annihilation, not an Eldar strong point. However the second dice gave me my first glimmer of hope, Dawn of War. Half table deployment and nightfight makes an Eldar player very happy if they are going first. Since I had won that roll off I decided to setup and go first, setting my army up in a formation which my tanks were protectd by my waveserpents I took a deep breath and waited for my opponent to set up. My opponent decided to have everything drive on first turn. My first turn begins and I fly my tanks closer but not too close, making sure since I had no targets first turn he would only find covered targets his first turn. I took a deep breath and braced as he rolled onto the board with a majority of his LR facing down my Prisms and Waveserpents. The guard opened up with only one shot not getting the distance due to night fight. With slightly less than average rolls he managed to Pin the leading Waveserpent which held the firedragons three times and a fireprism once. With some true eldar trickery and good cover saves I shrugged off that first turn without a scratch.

My second turn is when the box above arrived, I forgot to roll for reserves so my Warpspiders would have to sit this one out. So I moved up my WS with the dragons and deposited them right infront of the regular LR squadron. My Prisms moved to where one could get a good shot on Pask and the other link. My shooting started off well with my Nightspinner wrecking one chimera and webbing 3 others. My firedragons slagged 2 of the LR and stunned the last. A Brightlance from a WS took off the stunned LR battlecannon, while my Prisms point and clicked Pask right off the board. My second Lance Serpent killed a Vanq LR with its single shot. Figuring I had done about as well as I could I shot my shuri cannon serpents at the chimera, and wound up getting a side armor on one which promptly exploded, and a lucky wep destroyed on the other. All in all I was quite happy with that turn of shooting. My opponents next turn started up and when he attempted to move the first webbed chimera it became immobile due to the web. He spread out the rest of the chimeras so that the web couldnt hit as many as it did before and disembarked some troops to deal with the firedragons. His turn of shooting came up and he vaporised the dragons with plasma shots, his one and only vanq shot knocked out a prism rolling both a 5 and a 6 on the damage chart. (I know you are dancing for joy at that Grizz.) but after that his rolled turned against him and he was unable to do any more damage to me.

My third turn came around with me moving into safer distances from the melta/plas vets and their rides I remembered to roll for my spiders but they didnt come in, silly 1's. My shooting opened up with me killing the last vanq, and stunning the last LR, and the night spinner picking up a whole 10 man squad of doomed vets. At which point my opponent shook his head held up his hands and conceded the game with little ability to hurt me let alone catch me at this point. All in all it was a good game for the Eldar to come back to. We will have to see if they get some more game time soon.

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