Monday, April 11, 2011

ATC Practice Tournament Results

This last weekend, The_Warsmith, Ol'Griz and myself went to DiceHead Games for their ATC Practice Tournament. Let me tell you I had a blast playing in that tournament. For starters the mission is by far the funnest mission I have played in some time. For a quick summary of it, it has 3 seize ground objective, cap and contrl objectives and is also measured by kill points. How the scoring work is a possible 10 pts for each KP, C&C and Seize with a total of 30 pts total that can be earned. The reason I like this mission so much is that it forces you to play and think in different ways than you would in a normal game. Also you have to build your lists in a way that you can achieve each of these three mission criteria.

The first game I played was against a SW list with Thunderwolves, Missile fangs and a bunch of Grey hunters in rhinos. The game started out kind of well for me but turned completely sour when one turn of shooting completely wrecked all but one of my wave serpents. The only consolation I had that turn was I wiped a good bit of the Thunderwolves with an amazing bladestorm. By the end of turn 3 it was more about not being tabled for me than pulling out a win, though at bottom of turn six my remaining tanks were contesting his C&C obj while I owned mine but he got a rhino to mine and a s10 ram was unable to take it out. GrumbleGrumble Dice rolls. It ended with a loss for me but I had fun and gave the SW a few surprises.

Second game was vs a drop pod Logan wing with Dawn of War deploy. Going into the game I was really worried about the Logan Wing. But when I chose to go second with DoW deploy I kind of felt bad for the guy as he spread his termies out to get as many obj as he could. When my turn came around and everything of mine flew onto the board I had amazing shooting with my fireprisms and made him pick up 2 full termi squads in one turn of shooting. The rest of the game kind of went with me moving and shooting as I pleased and there was very little he could do about it. I got full 30 pts from that game.

Third game I got the Ol'Griz and laughed maniacally when it was called out as the last time I played against Griz with his Snot marines it was pretty bad for the snotties. However as I have learned many times over in life, laughing maniacally is often tempting fate and as fate would have it he caught my poor little fairies and gave them a solid, brutal thumping. 0 points there. However there was a few gems that truly lit up that battle, for starters a Dire Avenger squad tieing up a Greater Deamon for 4 turns in close combat only losing 1 or 2 guys each turn with the last full turn being the Exarch alone which he made four 5+ invuls in a row. My painted DA squad blade stormed the poopy out of his Pink Demon prince and charged it and killed it in CC. Go Spartan Elves!

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